Diesel Large-size Forklift (10t)

Diesel Large-size Forklift (10t)
  • Full-Free Double Mast 2.8m
  • Front double tire.
  • Side-Shifter

Full-Free Mast Type

Full-Free Mast Type

Full-Free Mast Type means the fork rises up to uppermost of the first mast, then the second mast rises up with the fork. Therefore, be able to work at high positions and mezzanines without the mast does not hit the ceiling.

In case of loading loads near the ceiling.

How to work the Full-Free Mast

  1. Fist of all, the fork rises up.
  2. Second of all, the second mast rises up with the fork.



The fork can be shifted right and left with the backrest.
No need to cut the wheel quickly, and easy to decide the fork position.
It's so useful at various working sites.

Suitable for loading to the bed of a truck or working in a factory, container etc.


Code 781280
Commodity Forklift 10t/2.8mS
Manufacturer TCM
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 140
Performance Rated Capacity (kg) 9,600
Load Center (mm) 600
Lift Height (mm) 2,800
Mast Full-Free Double Mast
Free Lift (mm) 1,500
Dimensions Length (mm) 4,320
Width (mm) 2,240
Height (mm) 2,800
Tare Weight (kg) 13,210
Remarks Side-Shifter

Forks & Fork Extensions

Code Commodity
781905 Fork 2500mm for 10t


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