Power Wedge

For making space and shifting forward.


Code 782328 782329
Commodity Power Wedge 15t Power Wedge 30t
Manufacturer Eagle
Model KP-15 KP-35
Lift Capacity (t) 15 30
The Minimum Height 6 6
The Maximum Height 34 34
Toe (mm) Length 40 40
Width 43 53
Length 629 677
Width 70.5 87
Height 128 137
Cylinder Stroke (mm) 150 150
Necessary Oil Q'ty (cc) 114 208
Weight (kg) 9 13
Model K-0.7W
The Maximum Pressure
Effective Oil Q'ty (cc) 350
High Pressure Hose w/Coupler HC1-2 x 2
High Pressure Hose Length (m) 2
Lifting UpLifting Up

By taking advantage of using a little space 6mm, you can lift the heavy equipment up to 34mm for making necessary space for jacking up.

Lifting Up
Shifting ForwardShifting Forward

By using Power Wedge, it prevents the floor from wounding snd enables you to shift forward more effectively.

Shifting Forward


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