Tir Haul




-Construction, Public Works, Civil Engineering-

-Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering-

-Electricity and Telecommunications-

-Fire Services and Civil Defense-

-Rail and Road Transport-



Code 782294 782295
Commodity Tir Haul 1.6t Tir Haul 3t
Manufacturer Tir Corporation Tir Corporation
Model TU-16 T-35
Lifting Capacity (kg) 1,600 3,000
Pulling Capacity (kg) - 5,000
Lifting Height (m) Unlimited (Depends on Wire)
Diameter of Wire Rope (mm) 11.7 16.3
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 644 x 143 x 360 712 x 140 x 350
Weight (kg) 18 26
Accessory Wire w/hook 20m, Handle Bar Wire w/hook 10m, Handle Bar

Note: Wire w/hook except for the accessory is sales commodity.


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