Atra Ace

Suitable for working at limited/high spaces and the face of walls with small and light body.
Atra Ace

The handle can be attached both side.

The handle can be attached both side.

Be able to attach the handle both side according to the working situation.

Easy handlingEasy handling

The handle operates smoothly because of the revolution of jet broach is so fast.
(low cutting resistance)


Code 782750
Commodity Atra Ace LO3000
Manufacturer Nitto
Model LO-3000
Power Source AC100 50/60Hz
Electric Drill Power Consumption (W) 710
Current (A) 7.5
Rotating Speed *Unloaded (min-1) 1,100
Power Consumption *Magnet (W) 35
Drilling Capacity Blade Jet Broach *One-Touch Type
Bore Diameter/Thickness (mm) φ14~17/6~25
Maximum Magnetic Force (N/[kgf])
Dimensions *Magnet (mm) W65 x H145
Cord 1.25mm-1Triple Core Cable 5m
Drilling Position Adjustable Range
Right and Left/In Front and Behind (mm)
Weight (kg) 8.2 (w/o Cord)


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