Balloon Light (Work-stand type)

Balloon Light (Work-stand type)
This balloon light can provide bright light, and it's not blind.Big light source, therefore be able to see it from far away,and be useful for road safety.
Adopted the electronic ballast, therefore be able to use 400W Metal Halide Light with 500W Generators. Metal halide Light is more efficient than Halogen Light.
Small energy but brighter.


Code 782015
Commodity Balloon Light Work-Stand type
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model LB42BW
Voltage Single-Phase 220V
Light Lamp Current [Start/Steady] (A) Less than 3.6/2.3
Type Metal Halide 400W x 1
Total Luminous Flux (Lm) 33,000
Temperature Rating (°C) -5 - 40
Dimensions (mm) Light Aluminum Balloon D850 H550(Balloon H510)
Ballast Box 140 x 368 x 118
Storage 120 x 130 x 1,430
Working 990 x 1,150 x 1,240~2,120
Weight (kg) Light Aluminum Balloon 4.4
Ballast Box 9.2
Tripod 8.9
Total Weight 22.5
Suitable Generator Output 0.4kw over


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