Crane Scale

Crane Scalehandy display device

There is the handy display which is able to confirm the measured weight value with crane scale at hand.

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รหัส 784520
ประเภทสินค้า Wireless Crane Scale 3t
ผู้ผลิต Kamacho
รุ่น CRS-3TW
Capacity (kg) 3,000
Division (kg) 1
Max.Tare Weight (kg) 3,000
Zero Point Within 2% of maximum weight
Initial zero bend Within 10% of maximum weight
Operating Time Approx.90hr
Temperature (°C) -10 to 40
Function Power & Zero Key (1key)
Display Lamp Low Battery(Green),Power ON(Red)
Parts Battery Pack: 2EA, Adaptor
Battery Lithium Polymer Battery
Charger input include
Battery Spec. 3.7V4000mA (Size:68mm x 125mm x 12mm)
Charge Adaptor DC5V,1A
H 503
A 73
W 58
B 34
Weight (kg) 15.5



Wireless Speciation

รุ่น CRS-W400
RF Frequency Range (MHz) 2400 to 2483.5
RF Output Power (dBm) Max.4
Channel width (MHz) 2
Frequency offset (ppm) <±30
Transmit data rate (Kbps) 250, 500
Receiver sensitivity (dBm) -99 (PER<1%)
Maximum input level (dBm) 0
RF In/out impedance 50 ohm (TXRF, RXRF)
Spurious(2nd harmonics) (dBm) <-30
Radio link effective range (m) 100 (Open Space)
Power supply AA Batteries x 2


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